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I travel a lot, sometimes for work, sometimes for fun, and other times just to see what's out there. I have my share of trips on economy flights, stays in hotels that just didn't treat you well, and spent countless days recovering from lost sleep and jet lag. Naturally, I looked into how I can travel in business class and stay in fantastic hotels right where you want to be. As such, I ended up spending hours trying to find the best deals, luxurious hotels, and affordable business class flights. These activities took away a lot of my time that I could have spent elsewhere. Not to mention splurging on business class tickets started to really hurt my wallet.

I then realized that I was collecting a bunch of points on my credit cards that I could use for travel. That’s where my journey began. I spent the next 4 years researching everything related to “award travel” - as we like to call it. I read every website, listened to every podcast and watched every video on the internet. I learned the best ways to maximize credit card spend, best ways to redeem points; and more importantly, learned the best ways to make a vacation a dream vacation. After a while, I had learned all the ins and outs of the credit card point system of all major credit card brands.

This completely changed the way I traveled. My partner and I started flying business class for cheaper than economy. We started meeting new people on our journeys and made a bunch of friends. Naturally, we started helping our friends achieve the same goal until one day one of our friends recommended that we start helping out others outside our little circle. That’s how aviato came to be.

We started aviato to make sure travel becomes as pleasurable as it can be, when costing next to nothing. Why should you pay cash and fly economy when you can redeem a business class ticket with the points you have already collected? Small businesses already have the points accumulated due to their spending habits, we simply ensure that the points are spent in the most optimal manner possible. We take away all the difficult parts away from award booking. No more looking at which transfer partner for which card, no more checking which flight has availability to Australia. Aviato does everything for you!

Aviato takes away the learning curve so you simply start dictating where you want to go. We do the hard work, while you focus on more important things.

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