An around the world trip with Credit card points, perks and, award flights

Singapore & Australia trip with credit card points and perks

An around the world trip with Credit card points, perks an award flights

What does your dream vacation look like? Do you fancy visiting the Opera house and chilling at Bondi beach in Sydney, or may be you love skiing, and wanted to conquer the next mountain on your bucket list, or would you love to spend the summer days in the lively city of Singapore exploring the south east asian island country to its fullest, perhaps you just want to soak in the Hollywood glam in LA. Hard to choose? Why not choose everything?

This and various other things were on Aqueel’s itinerary this June. Aqueel reached out to us to see what the points he earned from his credit card expenses could be used for. We started by getting to know Aqueel personally, because we want to book travel and curate experiences that is both incredible and tailored for him. Aqueel chose to do a short 1:1 with our agent, who quickly learned that he loves spending time at beaches, exploring new cities and has found a new hobby in skiing. This time around he wanted to book a trip to Australia in June/July when the ski resorts are bustling, the crowds in the cities are minimal and the sun is still shining. He also had plans to visit LA and Singapore for personal reasons.

Unfortunately for Aqueel, his main challenge was flying out of his home city of Toronto. The options to fly to Australia were very limited and quite expensive. The affordable options for flying were not only extremely long but also uncomfortable. 

Our agents, with their expertise in booking flights like this quickly worked out a plan that Aqueel was excited for. 

The Plan

To start things, fly the world’s best business class on Qatar airways via Doha to Singapore. This is a long flight, so we also provided an option to spend a day or two exploring Doha with an airline provided 5 star hotel stay, which Aqueel chose not to do, so that he could get to Singapore faster. Aqueel got a chance to freshen up and recharge at the Al Morjan lounge in Doha, where he had a 3 course cooked to serve meals and had access to showers. 

In Singapore, we booked a 4 night stay in the InterContinental hotel at the heart of the city where he can explore the lively Orchard shopping area or head to Sentosa for some time at the beach.

Next up is a business class flight to Sydney from Singapore. This time, it is a sought after seat in one of the Singapore Airline’s new business class cabin layouts with fully lie flat beds. In Sydney, we planned a 5 night ski resort trip in the Perisher valley and a 3 night stay in the city. Visiting Sydney in June/July has its perks, which is that you can book cheap stays at some of the best hotels in the world. Aqueel stayed at the historic Four Seasons hotel for 3 nights in Sydney.

Moving on from the adventures in Sydney, Aqueel will now board United’s signature polaris business class from Sydney to Los Angeles. This is a 13hr non stop flight, but people tend to wish their flights were longer on this polaris cabin. Aqueel can enjoy the LA summer and catch up with his friends in San Fransisco.

Finally, it is time to head home, and reflect on a journey like no other. We booked Aqueel on an overnight flight on Air Canada’s signature suite, a non stop flight from SFO to Toronto. He deserves a comfortable sleep in a well equipped flight, and get ready for the future filled with inspiration and memories.

How much did it cost

Ok, but how rich is this guy anyway? Well, you will be surprised how much little he ended up spending on this trip. First, we recommended Aqueel put his expenses on a new Aeroplan credit card to score some fight reward certificates and elite status with Air Canada. We also recommended a Mariott Bonvoy and IHG rewards credit card which helped Aqueel book a total of 4 hotel nights for free across two stays in this trip.

Here is a breakdown on the flight and hotel expenses in this trip.

85,000 points + 190$ for flights to Singapore

Our agents found a saver award to Singapore visa doha in Qatar airways. This award also allows stopovers with hotel stays. Which means you can stay and explore Doha for a day or two and the airline will also pay for your luxury hotel stay.

4 night stay in InterContinental Singapore with the 4th night free for holding an IHG card. We booked this using 90,000 IHG rewards points and 182$

105,000 points + 180$ for flights from Singapore to Sydney and from Sydney to LAX

Our agents used a little known Air Canada’s stop over award policy which allowed Aqueel to book two long haul flights, which normally would cost almost double this price, in one ticket.

3 free nights at Four Seasons using Mariott hotel night certificates. 702$ for 5 nights in a solo chalet at the Ski resort. Aqueel also spend two weeks at a friends place in SF.

20,000 points, 30$ and 4 upgrade credits received via the aero plan credit card we recommended for flights to Toronto.

So how much did it cost? Well, just around 400$ for flights and 882$ in accommodation in addition to the points we used. Most of the points came from simply putting his existing personal and business expenses on a set of 3-4 tailored cards. The annual fees incurred to get these cards were just 95$ in total.

To new beginnings

Putting this trip together himself would have taken hours if not, days of research. Our agent did the magic on this one with their expert knowledge of the various airline awards, credit card perks and discounts which freed Aqueel up to attend to his important work.