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Hello fellow business owner,

I travel a lot, sometimes for work, sometimes for fun, and other times just to see what's out there. I have my share of trips on economy flights, stays in hotels that just didn't treat you well, and spent countless days recovering from lost sleep and jet lag. Naturally, I looked into how I can travel in business class and stay in fantastic hotels right where you want to be. As such, I ended up spending hours trying to find the best deals, luxurious hotels, and affordable business class flights. These activities took away a lot of my time that I could have spent growing my business and serving my customers. Not to mention splurging on business class tickets started to really hurt my wallet.

One day, Leslie, one of my employees, told me how she flew first class to Tokyo, stayed in Ritz Carlton, and spent a week on a magical trip using "points" and $382. Yes, she spent only $382 out of her own pocket for a week’s stay in Tokyo and a round trip first-class flight from New York to Tokyo. I had to know how this was possible. I spent the next few months digging into the world of credit card points, airline miles, hotel loyalty systems, and more. I discovered that just using my business expenditure alone, I could travel in business and first-class and stay in the best hotels 6-7 times a year with my family or colleagues basically for free. All I had to do was get the right credit cards and loyalty programs and use those when I purchased anything for my business.

By simply rethinking which credit card to use for which purchase, I was able to visit 23 countries that I would have not visited otherwise. I met new people and opened up new worlds of possibilities through many of these trips over the years. I am here to share this amazing world of travel with you.Running your business is your life's work. You work hard every day making sure it's running, growing, and serving your customers.

When you travel for work or when you go on that dream vacation, oftentimes you don't have the time or patience to browse for the travel deals. Trust me, I have been there. If you don’t even have time to see the best deals available, maximizing the credit card points/loyalty programs to subsidize the trip doesn’t even cross your mind. Not worry, that's where we come in. We take care of all of that. We help you maximize travel points and spend hours researching the best vacations for you while you do the important work. You, too, can now visit Japan for next to nothing, just like Leslie

Let's go places,

Mike Dean

50+ customers enjoyed the best vacations of their life through us

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What we do

Increased earning due to optimized spending habits

Maximize Travel Points

We look at your spending and tailor a custom set of credit cards to put your expenses on. We will recommend airline, hotel and affiliate programs that gives you access to the best travel experiences of your life.

First class ANA redemption

Full Service Trip planning

Tell us where you want to go and when. We take care of all the research on what flights to book, best hotels for your stay and give you a small list of options to choose from

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1:1 Support

We will have someone who knows your preferences inside and out available to answer your questions. No wait time. Get help when you have delays or interruptions or simply just get inspiration for your next trip.

Love from Customers

Adi P Etihad selfie

“Aviato helped me book a business trip to Bangkok, Thailand fully in business class! The flight which would have cost me over $4,000 ended up costing me less than $100. The service paid for itself within the first trip. Was also able to get a deal with a client on the day I arrived. Double score!”

Adi P.,
Small business owner
Andy C. Paris photo

“I had a bunch of points that I did not know what to do with. A friend recommended Aviato so I gave them a try. Aqu helped me book a fantastic 3 day getaway to Paris. I was able to use my points and get a free trip to Europe. Well, to be fair I had to pay $36.00 in taxes and fees but that still qualifies as free, right?”

Andy C.,
Restaurant owner
Aqu M. Iceland photo

“I wanted to plan a 30 day euro tour but did not know where to begin. Aviato helped me book my dream trip from North America to Europe including free stopovers at places such as Iceland and Turkey! I did not even know I could visit cities for free without having to pay for a flight there. Thanks Max for the recommendations”

Aqu M,

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